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Welcome to Free UK Chat! is your newest chat room for making new friends and finding interesting topics to talk about. Our UK Chat room is completely free, we will never ask you for any type of payment. Additionally, we don’t require you to register, or download chat software to enter our free UK chat room. FreeUKChat‘s core goals from the start of our chat room have been to provide people from the United Kingdom and beyond a safe and secure place to chat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or women, gay or lesbian, black or white, you can always count on our chat community to welcome you and treat you with respect while you’re in our UK chat room. You can use our traditional text chat, and if you’re feeling a little more friendly enable your webcam. Chatting on our software allows you talk to other people face to face with other members in real time by utilizing our modern chat software. 

Enter multiple chat rooms based on your interest or sexuality, chat with others in our public chat, or in a private chat. You will never be bored and we promise to deliver the entertainment you know you’re looking for. Make sure you check out our chat rules to make sure you’re following proper chat etiquette and to make sure you’re not being (too) naughty.



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Chat Guide: How to have fun online!

Whenever you’re on a new chat site, it’s usually good to know what’s accepted and what isn’t. We believe that most text should be free. You should be able to say and express exactly how you feel. That’s why our UK Chat is lightly moderated to provide you the maximum amount of fun. 

  • Do not give out personal information. 
  • Do not post images you do not want people to see.
  • Do not post information that might identify you.
  • Do not post links to unknown websites!
  • Do not post links to other chat rooms!